Custom resale platform: Tixx-Clubsale

Ticket owners are looking for options to resale tickets in cases they cannot attend a match. Season tickets owners are often not able to see every match, but do not like to hand their ticket over to others.

With Tixx-Clubsale and fanSALE, promoters have two possibilities to offer an easy to use official secondary market platform and to satisfy all involved parties.



Tixx-Clubsale: Fully-integrated secondary market using the Tixx-Onlineshop

Ticket owners have the possibility to sell their tickets directly in the online shop. The integrated solution fulfills the resale process in the backend. The original ticket is cancelled only when the resale process is completed: the seller gets his money and the buyer gets a new ticket.   




Tixx-Clubsale convince as legitimate, easy-to-use secondary market platform and offer several advantages:


  • New revenue potential: The increased attractiveness of the season ticket and the possibility of different pricing models and alternative offers are just two of the factors which help a club to tap into new revenue potential.
  • More customer service: The black market trade with tickets is minimised. The fan as the seller has the ability to sell the ticket easily and legally, and a fan without a ticket has the chance to still acquire a ticket at a fair price, even if the game is already sold out.
  • Security: The platforms ensure that only valid original tickets are offered for sale and guarantee secure payment transactions using a trustee procedure and ticket dispatch.