Tixx-Merchandising - The online shop for sports

The huge potential of the connection of ticketing and merchandising has been recognized by most of the promoters. Based on Magento 2.0, Tixx-Merchandising is a modern solution with superior permormance, conversion-optimization and a responsive design.

The single sign-on und a customer data interface between ticket shop and merchandising shops make it easier for fans to handle their logins and for promoters to handle their customer accounts.

In addition, by using banners, promoters can include their partners - without interfering the booking process. 

All Features of modern Merchandisings – customized for sports!

Tixx-Merchandising includes all features of modern merchandising and several sports specific functionalities:

  • Connection to inventory control system: Handling products, inventory level and orders with the current inventory system
  • Customized: Same design as online ticket shop   
  • Modern backend: Simple and clear management
  • Jersey-designer: Individual view with individual name and number
  • Individual setup: Several filters, discount features and customized categories
  • Cross-Selling: Setting of similar products