EVENTIM.FaRM is the central CRM product of our modular system solutions. FaRM stands for Fan Relationship Management and was specifically developed as a versatile CRM solution for the sports industry.

Customer data management: central & networked

A central database for all the customer data of a club forms the basis for eventim.faRM. This means that separate data silos for individual business divisions (e.g. ticketing, merchandising, membership management, sponsorship) are a thing of the past. An online duplicate check as well as automatic address validation by our partner Uniserv also form the basis for a high level of data quality. The networking with various ERP solutions is ensured via established interfaces.

The ticket system EVENTIM.Tixx can be combined with EVENTIM.FaRM via a real-time interface. The additional integration of a layer guarantees an optimal booking process: In this way, ticket bookings can ensue directly in the CRM system.

Made for Sports

Central data management is the basis for a customer-centric view of all employees of a club. For this purpose, EVENTIM.FaRM is sending four powerful players to the pitch:

  • Club management: A module element of eventim.FaRM for complete membership management - from classical club membership to fan club maintenance.  Integrated membership fee management is just as much a matter of course as the direct printing of a membership cards. In particular in National League football, eventim.faRM forms the ideal basis for the control of member sales in ticketing.
  • Campaign management: The tool allows a successful dialogue and database marketing for the targeted and individual approach of fans and spectators. It combines highly variable customer segmentation with systems-based and, if necessary, automated mailing campaigns.
  • Communication management: The communication platform of eventim.faRM creates the ideal conditions for optimum customer service. In the process, the entire contact history of each customer with the club is shown in the contact management. System-based communication measures are automatically integrated. The task management allows a professional in-house control of tasks and processes. Tasks can be generated directly from contacts, ensuring a quick response to customer needs.