Access to modern Ticketing

Whether large stadium or small indoor arena: An electronic access control system is a crucial success factor for clubs to realise their full sales potential in modern ticketing. With eventim.Access we offer an integrated access control solution, tailored to your individual needs. But due to numerous joint projects with various third parties, we are also very experienced in the integration of external access solutions. After all, flexibility is not only required on the playing field, but also beforehand.

Modern Tickets

The introduction of an electronic access control system offers a secure return on your investment! It ends the abuse of discounted tickets and prevents admission with an invalid ticket. But, above all, it is the basis for the use of modern ticket media: Without electronic check there is no print@home, mobile ticket or RFID. However, it is precisely these ticket media which are mandatory for last minute ticket marketing with online sales until game start. Furthermore, the offers for the online conversion of ticket options or the introduction of aTicket Exchange are unthinkable without access control. 

Flexible set-up and realtime-data

Via an interface with EVENTIM.Access, the spectator access data is directly made available in EVENTIM.Tixx and EVENTIM.FaRM. This data forms the perfect basis for game analyses and targeted after sales marketing.

  • Variable application: Modular configuration options with scan terminals, single/double turnstiles and hand-held scanners for mobile and fixed application areas.
  • Efficient access control :  Fast and secure admission control for all ticket types with minimum personnel requirements
  • Informative analyses: Real-time monitoring and reporting, clearing tool