The leaders of EVENTIM Sports are personalities with expertise and commitment, who pursue a clear policy for the company. The managers at the top may develop good strategies, but without a team they will not be successful! The success of EVENTIM Sports is based on the good interaction of all team members. Every team member is utilised according to his capabilities.

KARSTEN ELBRECHT Managing Director

Managing Director Karsten Elbrecht is responsible for the areas of Sales and Controlling at EVENTIM Sports. In addition, he is Vice President Sales at CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA. Karsten is a passionate kite surfer and endurance athlete.

Tel.: +49-40-380 788-421


DR. JULIAN DE GRAHL Managing Director

Managing Director Dr. Julian de Grahl is responsible for the areas of Operations and Product Management at EVENTIM Sports. In addition, he is Vice President Sports & Classical at CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA. Being from the north of Germany, Julian is a water sports enthusiast and long-standing season ticket holder of a traditional football club in Hamburg.

Tel.: +49-40-380 788-410


JENS BRÄMER Head of Operations

Head of Operations Jens Brämer is responsible for the Consulting team of EVENTIM Sports. He and his team ensure optimal support for our customers and a smooth cooperation with service providers and suppliers. As a former National League Basketball player, manager and functionary, Jens is familiar with all facets of the sports.

Tel.: +49-40-380 788-593


TRAIAN KAISER Head of Product

As Head of Product, Traian Kaiser and his team are responsible for the product portfolio of EVENTIM Sports. Traian has tried a lot of different sports and is still doing them from time to time, but for more than 20 years, he is addicted to triathlon.

Tel.: +49-40-380 788-578



Head of Sales Christoph Grasmugg is responsible for the sales activities of EVENTIM Sports. In his spare time he plays football and is also a passionate skier.

Tel.: +49-40-380 788-575